Have a picture of the One World Flag taken in a favorite corner of your world?
Email it along with details (names, place, etc.), and we will consider posting it here in the Gallery.

Joan Clark and Friends in France, on Mary Magdalene Tour 2008
Top Left and Right: The transition from meek and mild-mannered… to superheroine… can take place in a second.
Bottom Left: In front of the Louvre Museum, without a DaVinci Code decoder ring.
Bottom Right: At Chartres Cathedral.

Laurel Kitten and Friends on her “World Tour 2008”
Top Left and Right: Levi and Una Chen friends and wedding party, somewhere in the desert of Mongolia.
Bottom Left: Anticipating Richard Wolfe’s 75th birthday— Roni (from London), Daniela (from Germany) and Richard— in Ibiza, Spain.
Bottom Right: Minako and Noriko in Japan.

« At the Equator in Ecuador/The Southernmost tip of the U.S. »
Buzby Birchall took the shot on the left at the equator in Ecuador.
Travis, Naomi and Daylan hold the flag at right at their fishing spot at South Point, Ka’u district, Big Island, Hawaii.

Marlon and Marc Panganiban, at Villa Escudero Resort, Batangas, Phillipines, on the left
Jim James, of Anaheim Hills, CA, at Hidden Valley Springs, Laguna, Phillipines, to the right.

Taj Mahal (India)
Photographer/World Traveler/Soccer Player Sean Welch rounded up some local Indian boys in support of the flag.

Moscow (Russia)
Diane and Dug Burford took time out from picking up two very special packages,and had their pictures snapped in Red Square and in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Newgrange (Ireland)
Older than Stonehenge and just as intriguing and mysterious, the passage grave of Newgrange (about an hour north of Dublin) was also found to have inscribed at its perimeter– the One World Flag. Or could it have been just a mischevious Yank on holiday tracing it in the gravel with his shoe?

Peace Walk. Feb. 15, 2003.
Millions participate worldwide. Here we are doing our part in Lawrence, KS.

Earth Day
A lot of the One World Flag acitivity has traditionally taken place during the week of Earth Day (in late April). Above: Speaking with the student body at the Country School in N. Hollywood, CA. Below: Enrolling a handful of friends to paint a 12′ by 16′ One World Flag on the handball wall of the Country School. Far Below: Enjoying Earth Day Week festivities at Cal. State Northridge, with the local U.N. representatives Laura Woolley-Smith and Kjersten Jeppesen.

Joan Clark’s Sacred Travel/Pilgrimage to Egypt, 2017.
Estela Berumen and Joan Clark, left. Joan Clark and Megan Leigh, right.

Peruvian Amazon.
Up the Nanay River, with shamans in the Mishana Community

“Purple Mountains Majesty” and “From Sea to Shining Sea”.
Manocchia family camping, left. Sargent home, Southern California, right.

A Bigger Flag to Fly!
Ideally, the One World Flag will eventually be flown above the flags of all countries. That will take a while to manifest. In the meantime– Spread the World!