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The One World Flag is an international symbol of diversity, tolerance, uniqueness, self-esteem, and cooperation which has been endorsed by a growing number of individuals, groups, educational, spiritual and diplomatic leaders for its mission statement, purpose, and wide-sweeping inspirational effect.

Where students on their way home from school have always been able to identify “safe” houses in the neighborhood by a certain symbol placed in a front window, the One World Flag is quickly becoming a soothing reminder to others, stating– “Diversity, Uniqueness, Tolerance, and Cooperation spoken here.”

The flag honors the artistic and spiritual paths of each individual (the micro), and at the same time, inspires us to “Think Bigger!” (the macro). It is supportive of those who pursue whole systems living, betterment, empowerment, growth, tolerance, potential, expression and creativity, spirit, etc…. and consciously aims to side-step the fear-based aspects of political, religious, economic, or other limiting beliefs/dogma/agendas.

“While the steps of our individual paths may be different, our destination will ultimately be the same.”

We hope that whatever you are about, that you will resonate and identify with this symbol and these concepts that honor the expressions of all; and that you will spend some time visiting and re-visiting this site, learning more about work being done in the name of the flag… and sharing a bit of yourself.

The Image

Representing sky above and earth below, the circular icon grabs the eye and pulls our attention to center. Like the familiar “yin-yang” symbol and other mandalas, it encompasses all, with everything in balance. Placed within a framework of colors representing the four directions– as generally agreed upon by Native Americans and many of the world’s indigenous peoples– we are called to continually think and act from a larger perspective. And with the overlapping of these stripes, we are inspired to move forward– into a future we have always imagined was possible.

Mission Statement

Intended to be flown above the flags of individual nations,
the One World Flag calls us to focus on the larger picture–
that we have more in common as a world than we have differences between nations.
Within this context, we may then place the utmost value
on the unique qualities of each individual and group.

Because the time is now…
For a world without borders;
For heartfelt communication between people of all nations,
without the barriers of language;
For solutions that encompass everyone;
and For a paradigm shift in the minds of us all,
who declare that what has been, serves no more.

The time is now…
for tearing down the walls,
opening our hearts,
and to…



It is the goal of the One World Flag:

  • to actually be flown;
  • to come to be recognized worldwide as a symbol of diversity, tolerance, unity and good work;
  • to stay vital, evolve with the times, strive to speak to the highest in each of us;
  • to contribute to the paradigm shift in thinking that is taking shape all around, and inside of, us– working from the inside out!;
  • to introduce conversations and implement technologies to improve our ability to communicate, connect, create, expand our comfort zones, change and evolve;
  • to maintain focused attention on that which is of the highest priority– the empowerment of every individual to attain their essence;
  • to educate students via the One World Kids programs, and other ventures involved in taking consciousness, critical thinking, discernment, honoring and quality of life to the next level;
  • to continue to “Think Bigger!” and “Spread the World”.


Sometimes special words of encouragement and support come down the line that make it all worthwhile. Sadly, a good deal of this response comes in the wake of tragedies on the world stage. Gladly, the spirits of those who get it are fortified out of such challenges and reminders that such greater visions are still sorely needed.

“In the midst of all our new found patriotism, I had been meaning to look for a banner to fly that would capture the spirit of the planet as a whole. One Google search later, I found it!! Keep up the all-to-important work, my friend.”

“Everywhere I turn I see patriotic flag-waving and hear the polarized paradigm of ‘us against them’. I desire to express unity and support with my fellow Americans, but only as long as I am expressing my highest truth and pointing toward the bridge of ‘joining’, rather than reinforcing separatism. I decided, yesterday, that I would find a ‘one world’ flag and display it side-by-side with an American flag.”

“Given the events of last week, I found I was reluctant to fly my flag, but I didn’t know why. To make a long story short I decided last night that I wanted to design a global flag. Then today I got an email with information linking me to your website. No coincidence! “

“in the aftermath of the terrorism in the US I see all these American flags everywhere and I think it feels way too limited. We should be flying One World flags!!! I think it is time for the planet to come together now and unite as ONE.. to show our love for the whole planet and it’s peoples, not just our country’s. I think many people are ready for this now.”

“I applaud your efforts for designing a flag that attempts to bridge all peoples on the planet.”

“Last Tuesday (Sept. 11) was a big jolt to my way of thinking/seeing the world & I intend to hang up your “One World” flag above my front door as a statement that September 11, 2001 is not about America’s war against terrorism; it’s about everyone around the world coming together in peace and love. We have entered a new phase in human history. There’s no turning back. Old paradigms no longer apply.”

“After this Tuesday’s events, I found myself increasingly disturbed (in addition to all the other emotions I’ve been experiencing) by Americans displaying the USA flag, not because I don’t support “our” heartfelt grief… (I worked in the WTC for much of the time the time it was standing and, in 1993, when the bomb went off in the WTC parking garage, I was on the 59th floor above it and was trapped in that tower for three hours)…

…but because it seemed to me to be another way of separating us— all of us here on earth— and so I’ve started to speak with friends and family about a flag for the Earth. One flag. And so found your website by searching for people who might have similar interests. I’m writing this mainly to say thank you for… for what? I guess, for what you wrote about yourself and your life and, of course, the website AND the flag! So thank you.”

“The One World Flag is an inspired idea.”

“I greatly appreciate the work you are doing to help us all embrace our citizenship in the world.”

“A statement of world unity feels so much better than a nationalistic focus.”

Downloads– Images, Flyers, Etc.

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