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One World Kids are the focus of much of this work.
All kids, of all ages, are welcome!

The One World Kids Curriculum
Download Coloring Sheets
The One World Kids “Hi” Sign
The One World Kids Credo
The Future

The One World Kids Curriculum

The One World Kids Curriculum on Diversity, Uniqueness, and Cooperation looks to be a comprehensive, age-appropriate unit of study… designed to be presented in five days (1 topic per day, approximately 2 activities per day)… and unfolding hierarchically.

The Passport to the World is the vehicle for this program. Each student is given a passport to be personalized and an activity or two per day to be completed. It is acknowledged that various schools and classes have devoted ongoing blocks of time to these validating areas, and will wish to allot varying amounts of time to this program. It is also noted that additional experiential activities in the classroom (some suggested, others left to your own expertise) will add greater context to these subjects. What the student is left with is a representation of their uniqueness. As with a journal or other such device, this is a reminder of where they are on this journey. The Passport is meant to be a personalized remembering tool detailing their very essence. In the wake of rich experience, this booklet may continue to be valuable to the student for a long time to come.

And the program is supplemented by having each topic country stamped, encouraging the student to share the topic country of the day with parents and have the passport signed daily, coloring sheets for each student’s expression of their uniqueness, the One World Kids Credo, “Hi” sign, etc.

Download Coloring Sheets

Hey Kids! Download your own coloring sheets, print them out and make up your own flag!
Click here to get started.

The One World Kids “Hi” Sign

How does one One World Kid signal another? The One World “Hi” Sign of course.

There are three simple parts and they go like this:
1. Hold up 1 finger. This stands for “One”– as in we are all one people.
2. Holding your thumb over your folded over pinky, hold up all 3 middle fingers and spread them as wide as you can. Does this look like the letter “W” to you? This stands for “World”. So you have “One” and “World”. And once you have that, you have…
3. Two fingers held up, with the thumb now over folded over pinky and ring fingers, which is the “Peace” sign.

So, first 1 finger, then a 3-finger “W”, and finally the 2-fingered Peace sign, in that order, tell your friends– “I’m a One World Kid!” And “One World… Equals Peace!”

The One World Kids Credo

I live on Earth as a One World Kid
and I am one of a kind.

No one can do what I can do
in body, soul or mind.

I am thankful for my health,
my friends and family…

Just as I am happy
for all the diversity I see.

Getting the chance to learn about others
as they take the time to learn about me,

Allows us to live and work together–
creating a future bright as can be.

I respect the land, air, and sea…
and all the gifts the Earth has to give.

And I’ll protect them for future generations
because this is where I live!

The Future

Anything is possible, and the sky is no longer the limit! Plans/discussions are under way for a One World Kids television show, newsletter, new courses of study, videos, music, live tour, etc. Programs are being considered that will be age-specific, and inclusive of those of extremely diverse backgrounds. And some of the best ideas for the future will certainly come from you– the One World Kids, parents, teachers, and counselors!